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Winter Olympics Millennials love the Winter Olympics

I don’t know about you, but I just love winter sports. Every year in the summer, I’m already longing for my winter break. Can’t help it, I’m just a snowboard lover. So obviously, I’m keeping a close eye on the Winter Olympics right now as well. Partly to support the national contestants, but mainly because I just love watching professionals doing it: the speed, the crazy techniques, the tricks, all of this in a beautiful snowy landscape ;). And apparently, I’m not the only Millennial who’s tuning in for The Winter Olympics once in a while. According to a 2014 Millennial Winter Olympic Report from Ypulse, 49% of Millennials is following this year’s edition. Just take a look at the fun infographic below and find out the why and how of Millennials and their connection with the Winter Olympics.


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