All about Pinterest, a very hot and cool startup [Infographic]

Allthough there were some questions about privacy and adding affiliate links without informing users in the start of 2012, we almost can and must not ignore anymore the hottest startup from this moment: Pinterest. It’s an online pinboard, that lets you organize and share things you love. Is it that simple? Yes. And the amount of people using this startup is huge: Pinterest has hit the 10 million user mark of unique US visitors faster than any other site in history. took a deep dive into Pinterest’s data to catalog the amazing rise of users and produced the infographic below. Mashable writes: “Since the company appears to be the hottest thing going — at least at this writing — consider this a snapshot of the next social media giant or the answer to tomorrow’s trivia question.”

It appears, that 90 percent of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women. The company now has only 16 employees, and since Oktober 2011 they’ve raised 37,5 million dollar (how’s that for techbubble breakfast on this Friday morning?). And, as they claim at Pinterest, they are generating more referral traffic at this moment than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn together. Wow.

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