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100 things to watch in 2012: The Rise of Generation Z 100 things to watch in 2012: The Rise of Generation Z

Yes it’s 2012; we leave 2011 and all the toplists and trends behind us. And before we will dive deep into new research about youth, branding and Generation Y, we feel that at the beginning of january 2012, we cannot deprive you from a beautifully designed and well-thought report by JWT. It’s called 100 things to watch in 2012; what more can we add to that kind of lists? It’s about anywhere and anyway shopping, about app overloads, Facebook, online living in print, about garden camping, iTV, internet enabled cars. And it’s about…. Generation Z (number 28). The generation born after 2000, that is more brand aware than ever, and has more influence over purchasing behavior in households than we’ever ever seen in modern history…

Wow. Great work, JWT. We’ll keep a close watch on what’s happening and we will keep you posted on new reports and trends.

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