Video: Ten JWT 2012 trends in 2 minutes Video: Ten JWT 2012 trends in 2 minutes

At JWT, they published in the beginning of this month, a Top 10 Trend Report for 2012. The report is not accessible for free, and to tease a little, they came up with a very nice video, that is illustrating trends like “Live a Little”, “The Rise of Shared Value” and “Objectifying Objects”, to name a few. Below, you can find the video and we’ve listed the 10 trends. Very curious and some 250 bucks somewhere hidden in an old sock? Purchase the report here.

10 Trends

• Navigating the New Normal
• Live a Little
• Generation Go
• The Rise of Shared Value
• Food as the New Eco-Issue
• Marriage Optional
• Reengineering Randomness
Screened Interactions
• Celebrating Aging
• Objectifying Objects

Credits Video

Illustrator: Josh Burggraf
Animator: Joseph Bennett
Sound Design: Mike Jansson
Voice Over: Rachel Birnbaum
Producer: Jason Klein

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