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Join us in a GenY game! Join us in a GenY game!

We believe that research results have more impact when turned into an experience in which company researchers and their marketers are entertained with insights or when they – literally – can ‘play’ with the results (‘infotainment’). Very soon, Tom De Ruyck (our head of communities at InSites Consulting) and me myself and I will give a speech at the Esomar 3D Congress about this. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the British say so eloquently, and therefore, we developed a game for congress attendants to play before they attend our speech, to get them warmed up a little. The game is about Gen Y (based on insights from our Crushed Ice Community), and you too can now play! Click the link below:


If you click the link above, you can take a look at the game. If you think any of your clients/friends/mothers/… might like it too, don’t hesitate to send this to them. In the picture below, you can also find a picture of a bunch of postcards that we made, based on community feedback. They have per city the coolest hotspots where Gen Y hangs out. The idea is that if a marketer wants to really feel Gen Y in NY for instance, he can just take the postcard and go…

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