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Post-GenY: Generation C Post-GenY: Generation C

“They are realists, they are materialists. They are culturally liberal, if not politically progressive. They are upwardly mobile, yet they live with their parents longer than others ever did. Many of their social interactions take place on the Internet, where they feel free to express their opinions and attitudes. They’ve grown up under the influence of Harry Potter, Barack Obama, and iEverything—iPods,iTunes, iPhones. Technology is so intimately woven into their lives that the concept of early adopter is essentially meaningless.” Who they are? They are Generation C. That C stands for: connected, communicating, content-centric, computerized, community-oriented, always clicking. As a rule, they were born after 1990 and lived their adolescent years after 2000.

Wherever we talk about generations (may it be X, Y, or C), there’s a lot discussion about the “agerange” that is beeing used. For Generation Y, we now use thos between 13 and 29. Generation X is mostly used for those born between 1961 and 1982. And, as described above, thoseborn after 1990 and lived their adolescent years after 2000 might be in Generation C. Their interests will help drive massive change in how people around the world socialise, work, and live their passions—and in the information and communication technologies they use to do so, writes Booz & Company in the below paper. It’s an interesting read with a lot of background about Generation C. Check it out, have a good read. Download it here for free, and check out the site of Booz & Company.

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