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Euro RSCG Prosumer Report: Youth not crying for revolution Euro RSCG Prosumer Report: Youth not crying for revolution

Let’s have a closer look at the latest Euro RSCG Prosumer Report that was published a couple of days ago. This report looks specifically to a group of ‘prosumers’ within Generation Y. They are the influential vanguard of teens and twentysomethings who can give us an insight in how the whole group can and probably will develop within 6 to 18 months. For the report, they surveyed a total of 3,004 millennials aged 18 to 25 in five countries (China, France, India, the VS and the UK). Let’s take a closer look!

Stop viewing youth through outdated stereotypes.

Different stereotypes about youth are….. just outright wrong.

  • They are not saying ‘no’. Forget the image of a generation that profiles itself by rebelling against the older groups. The majority of the prosumers sees itself as sharing the same values with previous generations. They listen to the same music, use the same technologies and like to do the same stuff.
  • They don’t see parents as ATM-machines, but rather as mentors they turn to for advice and recognition.  Except in France, all millennials saw their parents as the most trusted source of information. The millennial prosumers want to be informed and they use multiple sources in their search for information. Interesting enough they give ‘more credence to experts in science and to the knowledge they can pull from information sources online and in traditional media.’
  • They are NOT disenchanted and cynical.  78% of the prosumers declare themselves Happy. Being cynical is something for GenX… Important afterthought: the group of prosumers is probably more happy because of their position in the world. At the same time they do think that in 20 years the world will be a more dangerous and polluted place.

Change and continuity

Youth wants change and they do want to work on a better future. They have faith in themselves (99% of the prosumers), their elders and their own generation. But they won’t be crying for revolution, they rather believe in ‘soft power tactics’. They see change as gradual, with social media as an important mediator for these changes. The prosumers believe more in social media than the rest of youth and see social platforms as the most powerful agents of change.

They see consuming as more powerful than voting. They want to show conscientious consumption. They feel that buying the right (fairtrade, ecological) stuff, and avoiding bad things can have a major impact. But  there is a need for generational unity, something a significant group prosumers see as lacking.

Gen Y at work

Millennials in the workplace: it’s a hot item. Working hard and having self confidence is the Millennial way to success. Looking at what’s important in their jobs, salary is still for the prosumer-millennials ir only ranked in third, after the ability to balance work and life and the work atmosphere. Again nothing really new here.

Something that separates the prosumers from the mainstream is their focus on green industry. 90% thinks the most successful businesses in the future will be those that practice sustainability. And for brands?In short: prosumers do like brands, and they choose them based on how they reflect their personalities.


This report in its focus on the prosumers confirms some important tendencies shown in many other research projects as described in How Cool Brands Stay Hot as well. Although there are some important pessimistic views shown by the prosumers, their optimism and believe in evolution through change and continuity and science, do give hope.

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