Trendwatching with Generation Z

Up close and personal with Generation Z

Up close and personal with Generation Z. These young consumers ((born between 1992 and 2010) grew up post 9/11 in an environment dominated by the Internet and cellphones. Whereas Millennials grew up with the worldwide web, this generation grew up Read More

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Butterflies in your stomach

Butterflies in your stomach

Can you think of the disgusting taste of an erring fly during a summery cycle? Nothing, not even brains or intestines on my plate, gets even close to the heaving I undergo at such a moment. Yet professional chefs declare Read More

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World Cup Millennial Madness


This is it. After a month of cheering, togetherness, dressing up, shedding some tears once in a while, drinking, eating and celebrating, we had to say goodbye to the 20th World Cup last Sunday, after invincible Germany took the victory Read More

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Why do we go crazy for/at festivals?

Crazy at festivals

Is it the great music, the togetherness vibes, the idolization of the bands… that make us go crazy? Or is there more psychological sh*t behind our strange behavior at festivals? According to Dr. Hans van de Sande, social psychologist at Read More

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